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Motivation for working out at home

It can be pretty challenging to stay motivated when working out at home.

There is always something else that will distract you.

Here are a few tips to get you started and keep you on track.


Create a roadmap for yourself. Write your goals down and be as specific as possible.

Write down what you would like to reach, by when and why.

The answer to the why will help you on days when you are not motivated.

Not: I want to lose a few pounds

But: I would like to lose 2 pounds by the end of March.

Why: I want to create a healty lifestyle for myself and my family.

One goal at the time

It can be very tempting to participate in the latest workout, sign up for a very cool running event and develop a healthy eating habit.

But the pitfall is that you won't be able to keep up with all of it simultaneously.

So start with one goal at a time and stick to that one until you have completed it.

Start small

The smaller you start, the bigger the chance you will reach your goal.

If your goal is to run the marathon, you shouldn't start with running a marathon immediately.

Start small by running for fifteen minutes a day and then build it up from there.

So, for example, start with a workout of ten minutes and build it up from there.

Just like the gym

Pretend you're in the gym. Wear workout clothes, fill your bottle, turn off your cellphone, turn on the music and start.


Speaking of music. Create a playlist with your favorite songs on it. Then, pick a different song for each part( warming up, cooling down) of your workout.

Variation is key

Make sure your workout is fun and stays fun. Try to do something different each time.

Dream team

Surround yourself with people who are motivated and like-minded. They will encourage you to continue. You could even work out together.


If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. Make a vision board or vision book full of inspirational pictures and quotes, and place this somewhere where you can see it every day.


Persist Until Something Happens.

Write it down!

Grab a planner or notepad and write everything down. Eventually, you will notice that you are making progress.


Don't forget to reward yourself whenever you have reached your goal.

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