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My Nighttime routine

After a long day, I like to end with a routine I have created.

It took a while before I found the perfect routine, but I managed.


First, I take a shower to just calm down.

I prefer to use a nonfragranced body wash so that the scent won’t be too strong.

At the moment, I’m using Sanicur, a very soft scented and rich, creamy body wash.


After a shower, I take care of my face.

Right now, I’m using products from Clinique.

These products are mild for my skin, and it seems to love it.

I use the three-step formula that consists of liquid facial soap, exfoliator, and moisturizing cream.

After that, I apply the all about eyes rich cream, for my eyes.

Once a week, I’ll use the Moisture Surge Overnight Mask to give my skin an extra boost.


The next thing in my routine is a guided visualization.

I love doing it. It helps me get my goals clear in my mind.

I use the ones from the Honest Guys. You can find them on Youtube.

They have a channel full of guided meditation and visualizations for every moment.

To make the visualization more vivid, I use a scent. I either put a few drops on the oil burner or light a scented candle.

The one that I love to use is Clover world form Bowes & Candle.

It is the same scent that is being used in a few Disney World Resorts.

Disney World is one of my favorite vacation destinies. Smelling the scent while visualizing brings back great memories and helps me create new visualizations.


The final step I take before going to bed is journaling.

I love writing, and I love putting things on paper.

The journal that I’m using is the Mindfulness, day and night reflection journal, from Insight Journals.

It is divided into two sections: A morning and evening section.

Before going to bed, I rate the day, how I feel, my thoughts before falling asleep.

I like this way of journaling because I get down to write how I feel, my intentions for the day, whether I have reached my daily goal or not, and more.

With this routine, I can prepare myself for a lovely night of sleep.

Do you have any routines, and if you do, what is your nighttime routine?

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