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Plan a movie night in

Very slowly, some countries are starting to open up again.

Some are still in lockdown, and some are even going back into lockdown in some cities.

It feels good to go out and have fun again, doesn't it?

But this doesn't go for everyone. Not everyone is feeling comfortable going out again or is able to.

But that does not mean you can't have fun, right?

If watching movies is your favorite thing, then here are a few tips to create that cinema feeling while staying in.

Movie or Series?

Choose your favorite movie or series to watch.

There are so many online services with so many choices.

Some popular ones are; Netflix, Disney +, and Amazon Prime.

One of the upside about this time is that some movies that were supposed to be released in the cinema might now be released on a streaming device.

Alone or with friends?

This one is totally up to you.

Are you comfortable to invite friends already, or do you rather be alone?

An option is having a virtual movie night with friends and family.

You'll chat with each other while watching the movie.

Create the space

Make yourself comfortable.

You likely will never have the change to watch a movie in your pajamas or with blankets and cushions.

Place some on the couch for when it gets chilly.

This is your theatre, these are your rules.


Now is the moment to create the snack that you really want!

Go for some homemade popcorn or some wine and a platter of cheese or maybe even a whole meal.

Now you can bring it all in your movie room without anyone complaining about the smell.

And then last but not least.


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