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My Favorite...

Les Mills

You can do these workouts at the gym but also from your house online.

There is a wide variety of classes offered like Bodybalance, Bodypump, Barre, Sh'Bam, and more.

You can choose the level and length of your workout, participate in challenges and download workout sheets.


Fitness Marshall

I love dancing, and this dance class is so fun!

Caleb, the Fitness Marshall, knows how to keep the workout fun and energetic.


Pamela Reiff

Whenever I want to only work on a specific part of my body, like the abs of legs, I like to pick a workout from Pamela Reiff.

Her classes are very motivational.


Lily Sabri

When I don't have much time but still want to squeeze in a workout, I'll do a workout from Lily Sabri.

I like her upbeat and energetic style.


Mix and match

The last three workouts can be found on youtube.

I like to create a folder on youtube and mix and match to create a complete workout.

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