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My favorite..

When working out at home, it helps to have the right equipment to execute the exercises and stay motivated.


Fitness/yoga mat

It's essential to have a good mat for practicing yoga, pilates, or some scrunches.



These are ideal when you're doing an arm workout or even a Barre class.

If you have never used these before, I would suggest starting with one pair.

Pick the weight you would like to work with for a while.


Resistance bands

For me, a game-changer!

I love to use these for my leg and booty workout.

They are used for resistance during a workout. Add these to fire up those muscles.

Usually, they come in different flashy colors, sizes, and strengths.

Weighted hoops

Want to have some fun while working out? Try the weighted hoop.

This hoop is different than the regular plastic one.

It's heavier. It comes in different sizes and weights.

A few benefits

It's good for your core muscles. To keep the hoop moving, for instance, you need some strong core muscles.

It's good for your lower body and balance.

There are videos online to help you get started.


Water bottle

Stay hydrated! Nothing more to add, right?

To help you stay hydrated, why not treat yourself to a nice fancy bottle?

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