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My favorite

You're working out at home, but that doesn't mean that you can't rock a fancy outfit!




Elisabetta Rogiani

I discovered this line a few months ago when watching one of Angie Bellemare's videos.

She talked about her favorite workout clothes. Immediately I was hooked.

My favorite is the butter-soft line. It is really butter soft!

You give your exact measurements when you order, so each piece is made to fit your body.



I love bright-colored workout clothes, and Zumba has them.

Unfortunately, they incorporate the logo very prominent for some clothes, which is not always appealing to me.



Another nice clothing brand for your workouts.

I love the Power sports bra. It is the best of both worlds, it's a bra and top.

It has a zipper in front.

It's very snug and secure, perfect for those High-intensity workouts.

You can also get outfits with cool, funny prints on them.


Victoria's Secret

Known for the sexy and fancy underwear.

They also carry a workout clothing line.

I got myself two sports bras, ready to work out Angel style!

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