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How to keep your home smelling fresh

Bijgewerkt op: 2 jul. 2020

When I enter my house, I love being greeted by a pleasant scent lingering around.

I find it very important to have a nice clean, fresh-smelling house, and I always try to leave the balcony door open to let fresh air in.

I also use different scents to make my house smell nice.

Even though I like candles, I'm not fond of using them because of the fire hazard.

So I use alternative products like electric air diffusers, scented beads, and scent-plug.

The brand that I love to use is Yankee candle. They have so many options and so many different kinds of scents, and they also last very long.

My favorite scents are Clean Cotton and Fluffy towels for in my entry hall, living room/bedroom, and for the toilet/bathroom, I use Lemon Lavender.

The way how I use it, I call this layering.

I will place my scents on strategic places so that it will fill the whole house.

I start in the hall, near the entrance, I'll place a car jar, then a little bit further down near the entrance of the living room I have wall outlet, and I plug in an electric scent diffuser and then a bit further down in the living room I'll place a jar of spheres.

This way, my whole house will be covered in a light, pleasant scent.

What do you use to make your house smell nice, and what is your favorite scent?


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